Fast Track: A Fused Glass Valentine – Creating Hearts


Have you always wanted to learn how to create hearts? In this one day fast track class by award-winning Fused Glass artist Kat Huddleston, you’ll learn how to create hearts without a ring saw, explore different ways to decorate them, and delve into firing schedules. We’ll make a Fused Glass Heart Suncatcher using sheet glass, frit and other glass elements, and we’ll do it just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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What You Will Learn

Are you ready to unlock your creativity and craft a unique Valentine’s Day gift? Join our Fast Track course, where you’ll learn the art of fused glass and create stunning, one-of-a-kind glass hearts that are sure to impress your loved ones. Get ready to dive into this fun and rewarding craft with our expert instructor, and discover the joy of working with glass!

In this exhilarating course, you’ll:

  • Introduction to fused glass and safety precautions
  • Materials and tools needed for the course
  • Cutting and assembling glass for heart shapes
  • Creating a dichroic glass heart
  • Creating a textured glass heart
  • Creating a fused glass heart with a wire hanger
  • Finishing and polishing the hearts
  • Displaying and gifting the hearts

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