Creating a Fused Glass Wave

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Let’s make some Waves! I’ll show you how to create a free form Fused Glass Wave that has the feel of the ocean. We’ll work right on a kiln shelf or a piece of kiln paper and break small pieces of glass off of different colored sheet glass or scraps to create the Wave’s shape and finish the piece with white or clear frit.

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What You Will Learn

Dive into the world of fused glass and learn how to create a breathtaking, lifelike wave that captures the beauty and motion of the ocean. Designed for glass art enthusiasts of all levels, this course will guide you step by step in crafting an exquisite fused glass wave that will impress and inspire.

Course Breakdown:

  1. Introduction to Fused Glass: Become acquainted with the essentials of fused glass art, including tools, techniques, and safety guidelines.
  2. Ocean Wave Inspiration: Explore the captivating movement and colors of ocean waves and learn how to translate their essence into your glass art.
  3. Designing Your Glass Wave: Discover the principles of fused glass wave design, focusing on composition, color, and texture.
  4. Cutting and Shaping Glass: Hone your skills in cutting and shaping glass to create the dynamic elements of your wave design.
  5. Layering and Assembly: Uncover the secrets of layering and assembling your glass pieces to create depth and dimension in your ocean wave.
  6. Firing and Finishing: Master the art of firing your fused glass wave and apply the finishing touches to achieve a polished, professional result.

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