Cast Glass Creatures or Make a Monster

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Explore lost wax casting with fused glass in this fun and funny art class with Jodi. We will start with plastic critters, the weirder the better, and make them even stranger before we cast them in glass.

This may be a light-hearted take on wildlife, but the glass concepts are serious, seriously useful!

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What You Will Learn

Learn about different types of silicone for mold making, modeling wax, changing forms before molding, altering wax forms, calculating and pouring plaster casting molds, calculating glass volume, Firing schedules and annealing, coldworking your final projects, and more! This is an awesome online art course for fused glass artists.

Class 1:

  • Intro and Materials
  • Types of Silicone
  • Plastic Animals
  • Terminology
  • Planning projects
  • Preparing animals for mold making
  • Modifying animals before mold making

Class 2:

  • Making Silicone Molds
  • DIY Silicone Molds
  • 2 part commercial silicone
  • Preparing wax for pouring
  • Reservoir molds

Class 3:

  • Making Wax Animals
  • Pouring wax
  • Removing from Molds
  • Modifying creatures
  • Adding Reservoirs
  • Finishing surfaces

Class 4:

  • Preparing for Plaster/Silica Investment molds
  • Measuring wax creature volume for glass
  • Calculating mold container size
  • Constructing molds container
  • Calculating silica needs
  • Adding vents

Class 5:

  • Pouring Investment molds
  • Safety and tools
  • Mixing and Pouring Plaster/Silica
  • Removing Wax from molds

Class 6:

  • Adding Glass
  • Using glass volume from class
  • Filling molds
  • Firing schedules
  • Annealing glass sculptures

Class 7:

  • Removing Glass from Plaster/Silica molds
  • Safety
  • Removing Glass
  • Clean up
  • Troubleshooting

Class 8:

  • Finishing
  • Removing Reservoir
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Etching and Sandblasting

Class 9:

  • Wrap it up
  • Ideas for bases
  • Displays
  • Pricing


Will it cast? – Testing different types of found glass for casting possibilities. Setting up glass tests and interpreting results. Review technical document references. List of references included in bonus class.
How to setup a mini and affordable sandblasting station.


  • Material List
  • Shore Strength/Definition chart for silicone
  • DIY Silicone Mold Recipe
  • Glass Volume Calculation worksheet
  • Mold Volume Calculation worksheet

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