Become Irresistible: How to Attract and Retain Customers

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For most businesses, attracting new customers and retaining them is difficult and costly. This is due to the fact they focus on how to push their brand and not in attracting people to them. This all changes when an entrepreneur understands the need to become irresistible to a market.

Being irresistible attracts people to you, gives your business more value, and you can charge more. Creates emotional connection, you become the topic of conversations, creates a community around you and transforms behaviors.

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What You Will Learn

What you will learn:

Class 1:

  • A Little About Us
  • Why Businesses Need to Be Irresistible

Class 2:

  • 7 Steps to Become Irresistible
  • Creating an Irresistible Promise

Class 3:

  • Unveiling Your Core Story
  • Finding Your Unique Voice

Class 4:

  • Attraction Marketing
  • Incorporating Mystery

Class 5:

  • Defining Your Rituals
  • Becoming Uber-Present Always

Class 6

  • Increasing Trust

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