Advanced DIY Stands and Displays For Your Artwork


In this class we move our focus from hanging artwork to sculptural pieces. Spend some high-quality time with us and learn how to cast concrete into basic and progressively more complicated stands that fit your artwork perfectly. Learn how to tint and finish your concrete stands to look incredibly professional. We’ll also show you how to integrate lighting. Learn more complex aluminum fabrication including 2 and 3-dimensional frames.

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What You Will Learn

Class 01:

  • Evaluating artwork and creating upright supports
  • 3D artwork
  • Multi part for odd shapes
  • Panels and 2D items

Class 02:

  • Creating the concrete mold forms
  • estimating size
  • building materials
  • decorative edging
  • allowing for lighting

Class 03:

  • Duplicating Found forms in concrete:
  • creating a silicone mold
  • creating a plaster surround

Class 04:

  • Tinting concrete
  • calculating tint concentration
  • creating samples of tint mixes
  • adding texture to mold boxes
  • adding mica and fancy aggregate

Class 05:

  • Mixing Concrete
  • types of concrete
  • measuring and mixing
  • adding tint
  • filling boxes
  • vibrating
  • finishing wet surfaces

Class 06:

  • The final step
  • sealants
  • adding embellishments
  • scratch proof bottoms

Class 07:

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of plastic!
  • Eco resin easels and stands
  • creating a form
  • cutting
  • heating and bending

Class 08:

  • Plexiglass
  • cutting
  • bending
  • forming

Class 09:

  • Jewelry Display Stands
  • Earring Stands
  • Necklace & Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • rings
  • creating a cohesive look

Class 10:

  • Working Large in Aluminum
  • Challenges of large frames
  • fasteners for big pieces
  • Mounting and hanging large frames
  • LED light strips

Class 11:

  • 3D Aluminum Stands
  • Cutting and Assembly
  • Adding artwork

Class 12:

  • Complicated Aluminum Stands to add to concrete
  • Round Pieces
  • Unusual shapes
  • combining materials

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Advanced DIY Stands and Displays For Your Artwork

Time table:
12 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass artists, anyone who loves glass or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn to make all sorts of displays For Your Artwork



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