EP 33 – Steph Mystic Designs – Creativity in Focus

Today on our live podcast we’ll be talking about wire art with artist Stephanie Traugh! Steph will talk about the creative process, different types of wire art, how she gets inspired and much more! Stephanie loves wire wrapping. Not only she makes some very fun jewelry pieces but some amazing trees. The wire trees she places on crystals, inside lanterns and much more. Steph has a course at Curious Mondo called The Art of Wire Tree Making.   

Online Course on Wire Wrapping

This time we start a series of online courses on wire wrapping.

The first one was basic wire wrapping.

Shahar Boyayan and Jakob Jennings were the instructors, Scott Romig the host and the audience loved them.

Six full hours of pure content and a lot of wire wrapped pieces made.

online courses on wire wrapping wiregroup wirejake wiremusketters wireweaving

There was a small glitch with the live streaming on the second day but people kept having fun in the chat until things were back to normal. People in the chat made comments that Jakob is so cute and talented and Shahar funny and entertaining. Guess they make a good duo!

Here is a sneak peak on the online course on wire wrapping