EP 29 – Talking about text(ile)s with Judy Elsley – Creativity in Focus

Today on our live podcast we’ll be talking about text(ile)s with artist Judy Elsley! Judy will talk about the creative process, different types, how she gets inspired and much more! Join in!

EP 22 – Beverly Oliwa – Sculpting with Textiles – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Join Shahar for a candid conversation with artist Beverly Oliwa, today on our podcast, Creativity in Focus! Shahar Boyayan chats with Bev about the art of sculpting with textiles, the business side, the life of an artist and more! Beverly is known for her Garden sculptures. Most sculptures are made with t-shirts, wire and a textile hardener called Paverpol. She makes intricate pieces and has a passion for teaching other people about her techniques. Some of her courses at Curious Mondo are: Beginning Sculpting with Fabric Hardener, Intermediate Sculpting with Fabric Hardener and How to Create a Heron Paverpol Sculpt She also mentors the Paverpol certification program. What a great ambassador for this medium!

EP 18 – Jenny Ferguson – Tiangle Loom Weaving – Creativity in Focus

Today on our fantastic podcast, Creativity in Focus, Shahar Boyayan will be interviewing Jenny Ferguson on an intimate discussion about being a fiber artist. Jenny is also one of instructors at curiousmondo.com

Check out her courses!

EP 09 – Joey Heiberg, Dolly Mama – Creativity in Focus

Creativity in Focus had the privilege to interview Joey Heiberg also know as the creator of Dolly mamas. She talked about her creative process and about licensing products. You are going to love this interview!