How to Create Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures Using T-shirts

with Beverly Oliwa

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • About Beverly

  • Materials needed and tools

  • What is Paverpol

  • How to make the armature

Class 2:

  • Armature

  • What block to use

  • About the t-shirt

  • About the tinfoil

  • Start foiling the armature - arms and legs

Class 3:

  • Build bust and buttocks

  • Create head

  • Masking tape and checking form


Class 4:

  • Cut the t-shirts

  • Getting ready to work with Paverpol

  • Reviewing the basics

Class 5:

  • Wings

  • Books

  • Hat

Class 6:

  • Wrap and seal up the body
  • Start positioning

Class 7:

  • Dressing the lady

Class 8:

  • Position the doll

  • Adding on the extras

Class 9:

  • Adding hair

  • Highlighting


  • Measurements for tipsy ladies
  • Ideas for embellishments on tipsy ladies
  • Written measurements for building armature on basic 60-40 and tipsy lady form
  • How to get a textured wing for your fairy’s

What People are Saying

Natascha Rutherford
Bev is just a fantastic teacher bright colourful and tells it all to make it very very interesting to use your own incentives not like years ago you had to go by the book, as they say which created a lot of copies and not your own work, guess that's why things got lost and no interest......this artsandcrafts is riveting! Makes you think even if you tend to close your eyes you are seeing what you want to do, so we are not falling asleep its visual thinking???

Jórun Hansen
Bev. YEES I appreciate very much. Thank you Bev. Now I actually believe I can make some extra money, although we are only about 50.000 people here in Faroe Islands :-)

Janice Tucker Smith
Again THANK YOU Beverly SO!!!!!MUCH oh also thank you curious mondo u got me fired up


About this online Paverpol Course

In this introductory Paverpol class you will learn the basics of a Paverpol sculpture. First, you’ll learn how to build the sculpture form using a wire frame and aluminum foil. It’s really easy – once Bev shows you her special techniques! Next you will dip your t-shirt material in liquid “Paverpol”. Finally you’ll learn how to wrap and dress the form with the t-shirt material.This action and idea-packed online art class is a great start for your new passion!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: How to Create Indoor/Outdoor Sculptures Using T-shirts

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Artists, anyone who loves fiber and sculpting or want to start a new hobby or career

Main objective:
Learn how to make sculptures from fibers


Garden Sculptures Sneak Peak


About the instructor

Beverly Oliwa

Beverly Oliwa is a certified Paverpol instructor based out of Edmonton, Alberta. She attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology where she took a dressmaking and tailoring program and used her creative talents creating custom clothing. Most recently she has taken her passion for working with fabrics into sculpting statues with Paverpol and has completed her certification as a Paverpol Instructor with a Studio also based in Alberta. At the age of 60 I have finally found my passion Beverly founded Creative Fire Studio, teaches Paverpol classes, and would love to introduce you to this wonderful creative medium. She firmly believes that everybody has a “Creative Fire” that burn within them and is excited to help you explore it with this medium.

Doll Made During Class


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