EP 23 – Aleah Klay – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Join Shahar for a candid conversation with artist Aleah Klay today on our podcast, Creativity in Focus! Shahar Boyayan chats with Aleah about the art of sculpting miniatures the business side, the life of an artist and more! Aleah Klay is an amazing sculptor. Her love for animals shows in every single piece. The miniatures are adorable! Aleah Klay is a mentor at Curious Mondo. One of her courses is called:  Sculpt and Fabricate a Miniature Mouse

We burned Santa’s Nose

Talk about a class full of events. How to sculpt Santas in Polymer Clay with Karen Baker.

Very first day we are into class number 2 connection goes out and there is no way to come back live. We later found out it was a nationwide issue but still frustrating. We added one more day of live to be able to broadcast he whole course.

Second day at the end of the third class, Santa’s head comes out of the oven and this time is has a burned nose. That was unexpected. Our oven during that time decided to spike the temperature and that caused the problem.

Karen Baker didn’t miss a beat. Caught a scalpel and cut that nose off. You could almost hear the audience Awe. Not really, but I bet they did scream a little inside.

Today she came with Santa’s head and a new nose and no one could ever tell it got attached later. That’s how amazing she is.

We added hair, made the hands and boots. Tomorrow we will put the Santa together.

People are loving this course on How to sculpt Santas!

santa in polymer clay

character sculpting

Santa Claus head