Join Shahar for a candid conversation with artist Aleah Klay today on our podcast, Creativity in Focus! Shahar Boyayan chats with Aleah about the art of sculpting miniatures the business side, the life of an artist and more! Aleah Klay is an amazing sculptor. Her love for animals shows in every single piece. The miniatures are adorable! Aleah Klay is a mentor at Curious Mondo. One of her courses is called:  Sculpt and Fabricate a Miniature Mouse

3 thoughts on “EP 23 – Aleah Klay – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

  1. Diana Noch says:

    Fantastic interview I loved the work Aleah does now that I feel I have met her I love them more if that is possible !!! Be well Aleah and as a Russian friend of mine always said enjoy the life!!!

  2. Catherine Goldie says:

    Love Love Love this interview, Aleah is sooo talented, just Love her work, very clever girl,
    everyone Loves miniatures in any shape or form, I am addicted HaHa!!
    Hope that your health will recover,keep doing tutorials on Curious Mondo Please!!!
    Love you too Shahar.
    Catherine .xx

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