How to make molds and resin cast BJDs

How to make molds and resin cast BJDs
Talk about a course that goes in-depth. In the past I’ve taken courses on silicone molds and casting with resin. Then whenever I went to cast my pieces I was disappointed with the results. No wonder!
Noemi in this course went through every detail and the most smart ways to have professional level silicone molds and casting the ball jointed dolls in resin.
Even though this course mentions BJDs and those the pieces she shows in the course, this is professional level instruction for anyone interested in sculpting and casting their pieces.
How to make molds

Cast bjd in resin

cast ball jointed doll

A BJD Course Like no Other

Wow! Just Wow!. That is what most people said after they watched Noemi Smith give the course  Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character with Paperclay.

During 3 days she went into major detail on how to create a ball jointed doll in a professional way. Everything so if you want to cast your dolls later to sell you would have the best prototype to work with.

The joints were advanced and people were mesmerized by how she makes them. And how she works with paperclay was a Wow moment for most.

course bjd

ball jointed horns

Noemi is coming back next year with a course on how to make molds and cast BJDs

BJD pig 20171115_101831

Contest for OOAK Ball Jointed Dolls

Contest “Making a Mini BJD Character”
By Angels by Noemi

This contest are for students of Making a Ball Jointed Doll Character

bjd contestGoing from: Dec 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018
Final date for People’s Choice: April 14, 2018
Participants have to send 5 pictures with views of Front, back, left side, right side and closer (or best view)
Send to:

Judged by Noemi Smith.
The Contest will have two categories each one will have one winner, inviting Artists beginners and advance as well.
⦁ 1st Prize for Advance category:
Will be a Blank Cast of “Pepita” the Pig made in the Character BJD Class.
⦁ 1st Prize for beginner category:
Will be a complete Resin bjd Piggy Pet.
Three finalists on each category will be chosen then final votes will be cast by the public (Social Network)
Winners will be announced on April 15, 2018

⦁ Open only for Curious Mondo students that had purchased the “Character BJD class” or students buying the “BJD Mold Making Class”
⦁ Doll has to be completely made by the participant, all handmade from scratch with either paper clay or polymer.
⦁ The doll has to be made especially for this contest in the time given.
⦁ Fantasy or animal characters only.
⦁ Only pictures need to be submitted.
⦁ Work in progress can be shared in social Networks
⦁ Only one submission per participant.
⦁ Final presentation of the doll can be blank or painted, eyes are ok to add (no need for clothing or wigs)

contest for BJD

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