Acid Etching Techniques For Basic Glass Bottle Fusing with Jodi McRaney-Rusho

“So what I’m doing here is just putting acid etching cream on the high parts of the pattern. Now don’t worry too much if you color outside the lines with this, because when we fire it again, the parts that are acid etched, that don’t have mica, we’ll just fire polish. So they will not even be visible. So don’t really, don’t get so wrapped up in the perfection of this, that you paralyze yourself with inactivity. So, there’s the shell and we’re going to do the lighthouse and the turtle very quickly.”

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Plaster of Paris Molds & Basic Glass Bottle Fusing with Jodi Mcraney Rusho

For plaster of paris, we use two parts plaster to one part water. We’ll just do it that way. Let’s just regular plastic. Regular plaster paris. You can get at a home Depo or a hardware store or a craft store. Two parts class, or one day. Part water, two parts plaster, one part water. By volume. Get it in the mold before it sets up too much.

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