Live Interview with Glass and Fiber Artist Jodie McDougall was a blast. Our host was glass artist Jodi McRaney-Rusho and we all had a blast. Jodie McDougall talked a little about glass techniques when making millefiori canes, showed the process of some of her pieces, talked about what moves her and some business tips. glass millefiori canes Simply it was another amazing episode of Creativity in Focus. Artist Jodie McDougall also talked about how she makes fun wet felted hats. Every week we have a new interview. Tuesdays at 2:30 on our Curious Mondo Facebook page CREATIVITY_ON_FOCUS

One thought on “EP 04 – Jodie McDougall – Glass and Fiber Artist – Creativity in Focus

  1. Viv Vickery says:

    Do you ever make custom orders? I am looking for someon to make me 50 or 100 mini size bottles 1 inch or smaller in different shapes and colors

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