PaverMondo Interviews Lise St.Cyr

Come meet some of the best textile artists using the textile hardener Paverpol. See some amazing pieces, city tours and quick tutorials. Live and interactive you can participate in the interviews by submitting questions while we are live. Paverpol has created many possibilities for textile artists. Using textiles and Paverpol you can create garden sculptures,Wall pieces, paintings and a lot, lot more! 

Detailing Tips for a Dimensional Paper Clay Art with Rogene Manas

“When you go to make something like this, that has a lot of little pointed edges. those are more easily achieved after it’s, after the clay is dry and I’ve got one here, that’s got some little ragged edges on it. And so I’m just going to start cleaning that up. And I’m just pressing down on a cutting mat with my knife.”

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