Andreea Corpodean

I am a Romanian art lover obsessed with details and, lately, with bright colors. Most of all, I like to create fairy tale, fantasy and nature-inspired journals and jewelry. Art - in its different forms and mediums - has been part of my life and a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, but I only stumbled across polymer clay in late 2016. It was love at first creation, although I only started to truly dedicate myself to it starting from 2019, so I’m still pretty new at it. I love to experiment and learn by myself, by trial and error. I take most of my inspiration from nature and mix it with the universe inside my mind and soul, which is why every piece I create is kind of a glimpse of who I am. And since nature is such an important part of my creative process, I like to use real elements from nature – like crystals, gemstones, seashells, leaves – into my work. Recently, I’ve became very fond of bold, bright colors and playing with contrasts to bring my creations to life. For me, the coloring part is just as important as the sculpting – I like use acrylic paints, wax paste and Mica powder. My strongest belief is that there’s magic in the details, so every little thing can make a difference.

Andreea Corpodean Curious Mondo Instructor

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