Watercolour Basics

with Colleen Reynolds

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What you will learn in this fine art course:

Explanation of Supplies, Drawing Tips & Tools
Class 1:
  • Overview of watercolour supplies
  • Drawing tools
  • Drawing Exercise #1 – Big Shapes to Small Shapes
Class 2:
  • Drawing Exercise #2 – Straight Edge Contour Drawing
  • Drawing Exercise #3 – Summarizing with Simple Shapes
  • Drawing Exercise #4 – Thumbnail Sketches
Class 3:
  • Drawing Exercise #5 – Value Studies
  • Create Line Drawings for Two Paintings
Painting Tips and Exercises
Class 4:
  • Maximizing Your Painting Station
  • Palette Setup
  • Securing Paper to Board
  • Paper Stretching Demonstration
  • Avoiding Common Frustrations: Back runs and “Muddy” Paintings
Class 5:
  • Painting Flat Vs Painting on a Slant
  • Tips for Painting “Loose”
  • Painting Exercise – Brush Loading and Pigment Strength
  • Painting Exercise – Brush Control and Common Strokes
  • Painting Exercise – Monochromatic Study, Creating Movement
Class 6
  • Painting Exercise – Two-color Study, Color Temperature
  • Painting Exercise – Triadic Color, Color Mixing
  • Painting Exercise – Saving Whites
  • Painting Exercise – Paper Surface; Wet, Damp, Dry
  • Painting Exercise – Retrieving Whites
Complete Two Paintings
Class 7:
  • Transfer Drawing for 1 st Painting
  • Painting #1 – Stage 1
Class 8:
  • Transfer Drawing for 2 nd Painting
  • Painting #2 – Stage 1
  • Painting #1 – Stage 2
Class 9:
  • Painting 2 – Stage 2
  • Painting #1 – Finishing Touches
  • Painting #2 – Finishing Touches

About this online watercolor course

In this 3-day online watercolor workshop, you will learn about common watercolor supplies, drawing tips and tools, color and brush exercises, and finally complete at least one watercolor painting. Even though this is a basic watercolor couse online, Colleen Reynolds goes in-depth which each technique. 

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:

Curious Mondo: Watercolour Basics

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Anyone who wants to learn to paint in watercolor

Main objective:
Understand the basics of watercolour painting and complete at least one painting during this online watercolor course.


Watercolour Basics Sneak Peak


About the instructor

Colleen Reynolds

Colleen Reynolds lives and paints in Carson City, Nevada. She teaches art classes through two local colleges, Western Nevada College and Truckee Meadows Community College. Though, Colleen has taught private watercolor classes for many years. Colleen paints watercolor paintings full of life and color, capturing subjects that focus on what she dubs, “The Four Ps” - People, Plants, Pets, and Places.

Throughout her working years, Colleen’s overriding interest has been art. She has accrued over 200 hours in fine art studies, from college and private masters. Colleen has shown her paintings in galleries, joined artist cooperatives and participated in numerous artist exhibitions, fairs, and shows. Colleen's art is currently represented by the Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery in Carson City, Nevada; Taylor Jensen Fine Arts Gallery in New Zealand; and the Ely Art Bank in Ely, Nevada.

Colleen does business through her company, CRM Endeavors. She has a Masters degree in Education and Bachelors degrees in Fine Art and Applied Mathematics. In previous lives, Colleen completed a 20-year U.S. Navy career and taught corporate, college and university courses.

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