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How to Make Artistic Teddy Bears

with Tami Eveslage

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • About the instructor

  • How/where to begin

  • Teddy Bears as art/soft sculpture

  • Tools and materials

  • Pattern layout and cutting

Class 2:

  • Hand and machine sewing techniques

Class 3:

  • Grooming seams and turning parts
  • Set up joints
  • Begin the head

Class 4:

  • Finishing the head

Class 5:

  • Scissor sculpting
  • Needle sculpting
  • Nose and mouth

Class 6:

  • Inserting eyes

  • Ear placement


Class 7:

  • Jointing head to body

  • Shading the face

Class 8:

  • Legs

  • Arms

Class 9:

  • Shading paws

  • Jinting and finishing

  • Simple accessories

Bonus Classe

  • Beginning pattern design

About this Teddy Bear Course online

Discover the joy of making Teddy Bears! Watch and learn as the instructor Tami Eveslage demonstrates the construction of a one of a kind Teddy Bear from start to finish! All basic bear making skills will be covered in this Teddy Bear course as well as more advanced soft sculpture techniques which will help you create a unique Teddy bear of your very own.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: The Art of Teddy Bear Making

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Teddy Bear artists, Teddy bear lovers, soft-sculptors, art dolls artists, anyone who loves sculpting or want to start a new hobby or career.

Main objective:
Learn to construct a one of a kind Teddy Bear from start to finish!



About the instructor

Tami Eveslage

Tami Eveslage is a versatile artist who enjoys creating artwork of all kinds including drawing, painting, and sculpting, but she has found her passion in the unique niche of Teddy Bear Artistry. Using the finest materials, she makes only a small number of bears, and animals each year, which ensures that each one is a detailed work of art. Tami’s work has been published in books and magazines, and she has received many of the industry’s highest international awards, including being named Teddy Bear Artist of the Year in 2015 by Teddy Bear and Friends magazine. However, Tami will tell you that her greatest joy and honor is that for nearly 25 years collectors around the world have chosen to bring her creations into their homes!

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