How to Make Stained Glass Succulents and Florals

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What you will learn:


Class 1:

  • About the instructor
  • Supplies needed
  • Hens & Chicks and Agave
  • Choosing glass – texture or not?

Class 2:

  • Making and using forms with household items
  • How to provide built in reinforcement and support

Class 3:

  • How to attach a “stem” for potting your succulent or floral
  • Cleaning difficult 3-D projects

Class 4:

  • Snake Plant
  • Lay out the snake pattern to get the most from your glass

Class 5:

  • Advanced construction techniques

Class 6:

  • How to reinforce and support a top heavy 3-D project

Class 7:

  • Florals and Planting Your Succulents
  • Using succulent patterns to create flowers

Class 8:

  • Choosing planters for succulent groups
  • How to build a solid foundation for your succulents

Class 9:

  • Assembling a teacup succulent


  • BONUS CLASS: Table Top Koi Pond featuring a Water Lily

    Using the water lily pattern and adding a glass lily pad, we’ll “float” them in a clear resin pond complete with koi fish. How to use your floral projects in creative ways. Where to find a container for your pond. How to use resin to replicate water. Tips and tricks for adding inclusions in resin

  • Bonus Class: How to Assemble Succulent with Hobby Lead
  • Agave Water Lily Pattern
  • Hens n Chicks Basic Flower Pattern
  • Lily Pad Pattern
  • Snake Plant Pattern
  • Supplies List
How to Make Stained Glass Succulents and Florals
How to Make Stained Glass Succulents and Florals

About this stained glass course

Make a beautiful succulent garden using the foil method (also known as Tiffany style) of stained glass to build a variety of succulents – that you’ll never have to worry about overwatering! The foundation shapes easily translate into a variety of flowers to augment your glass garden. We’ll learn some secrets for making 3-D construction easier. No green thumb required! Great stained glass course!

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Stained Glass Succulents

Time table:
9 hours

Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Glass Artists

Main objective:
Learn advanced techniques of foil method of stained glass whilst making beautiful Stained Glass Succulents and Florals.



About the instructor

Cheryl Peterson
Red Dragon Glass Art

Cheryl started working with stained glass in 2005. She uses her background in graphic design and combines kiln formed glass to create original, fun and unique designs. Cheryl works in both foil and lead methods of stained glass, creating original designs, three dimensional creations and lead restorations. She is an affiliate member of the Stained Glass Association of America and former president of the Glass Art Guild of Utah. Her commission work and restorations can be found is private residences and businesses across the United States.

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