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Glass Fusion Lab

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Glass Fusion Lab

The ultimate collection of glass fusion workshops designed specifically for artists like us! This collection of workshops was compiled from our Annual Glass Art Symposiums.

This exclusive product offers 70 unique workshops that cover everything from basic techniques to advanced methods, so you can progress at your own pace and develop your skills over time. And the best part? You don’t need any prior experience to get started! You have lifetime access and can watch from any device.


Unlimited Access

access to expert instruction

Access to expert instruction, tips, and tricks that will help you create stunning works of art using glass. Not to mention, hours of fun!

Whether you’re interested in creating intricate patterns, stunning designs, or exploring the versatility of fused glass, this product has something for everyone.

Glass Fusion Lab covers a variety of glass art techniques including Fused glass, Stained Glass, Lampwork and glass beads in jewelry.

For Artists of All Levels

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Looking for a new creative outlet? Try Glass Fusion Lab! With 70 unique workshops to choose from, you’re sure to find something that inspires you. Create stunning works of art using glass. This product offers expert instruction and a wide range of workshops to help you develop your skills.

From the World’s Best Artists

What You Will Learn

  • Jodi McRaney-Rusho: Fuse and Fold Police Box
  • Shelly Woollvin: How to Create Wave Beads
  • Christina Lee: How to Drill Holes in Glass Pendants for Fusing and More
  • Laura Lyn Stern: Kiln Cast Glass: Bas Relief Tiles
  • Emily Gribble: How to Make a Simple & Tiny Stained Glass Cactus
  • Carmen Flores Tanis: First Steps in Glass: Cutting Glass
  • Dixie Armfield-Rogerson: Intro to Leaded Stained Glass Window
  • Cheryl Peterson: Glass Origami Cranes
  • Cheryl Farrens: Exploring the Art of Glass Fusing in a Microwave Kiln
  • Cheryl Cohen: How to Create a Mosaic Garden Globe
  • Sarinda Jones: Watercolor Glass With Powders and Glass Ornaments
  • Jodie McDougall: A Conversation About Murrine
  • Tracy Arietti: Make Glass, Not War! “Tie Dye” Fusing
  • Komal Prasad: Let’s Plant a Tree
  • Suzanne Balestri: Kaleidoscope Plate Project
  • Kat Huddleston: Creating a Fused Glass Wave
  • Tremaine Fenton: Frozen Necklace
  • Cathy Vitale: Simple Copper Foiled Beveled Heart and Kiln Formed Snowflake
  • Karen Birdwell: Multi-Media Windchime
  • Katrina Jameson: Easy Fused Glass Landscapes
  • Petra Kaiser: Kiln Forming a Wall Pocket Vessel
  • Cheryl Peterson: Stunning Stained Glass Orchid Arrangement
  • Nilawan Suwansathien: It’s a Bug’s Life!
  • Cheryl Farrens: Fusing Glass and Clay
  • Carrie Strope: Basketweave Groutless Mosaic Mirrors
  • Cathy Vitale: No Bones About It!
  • Lavae Aldrich: Frit Painting
  • Karen Birdwell: Freeze n Fuse Night Light
  • Sarah McGuinness: Fused Meadow
  • Elisiane Oliveira: Heart Pendant from a Transparent Bottle
  • Starr Payne: Ocean Wave Necklace
  • Petra Kaiser: Cast It – My Way
  • Judy Wall: Mosaic Glass Art
  • Mary C. Weber: Glass Bouquet
  • Stefani Nachatilo: Painting on Glass with Paint and Frit Glass Fusing Workshop
  • Sarinda Jones: How to Make Fused Art Glass Jewelry
  • Deb Rich: Lampwork Glass Peacock Necklace
  • Tracy Arietti: Unbroken – The Art of Kintsugi
  • Dawn Gaye: The Sunny Tiffany Lamp
  • Jodi McRaney-Rusho: Egyptian Paste
  • Kathie Camara: Mermaid with Dolphin
  • Marcy Lamberson: Spooktacular Halloween Lampwork Beads
  • Tremaine Fenton: Tila Stackers
  • Pascale Bigot: Wire Fused Glass Cabochon
  • Kat Huddleston: Exploring the Magic of Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry
  • Ilene Barnett: Multi-layered tack Fused Glass Christmas Trees
  • Shelly Woollvin: Glass Moon Beads
  • Gökşen Parlatan: How to Make a Mosaic Coaster
  • Jodi McRaney-Rusho: Spooky Clocks and Skulls
  • Cynthia Robertson: Stained Glass Couture
  • Dimitra Kalinderis: Illusions Through The Glass
  • Susan Hamilton: Crazy Fish, Jellies, and More
  • Renee Radenberg: Layering Glass to Create Depth and Texture
  • Gökşen Parlatan: Mosaic Table
  • Karen Jones: Up-Cycled Jar Toadstool Tea-Light Holder
  • Kat Huddleston: Free Form Fused Glass Flowers in a Frame
  • Emily Gribble: Simple Spooky Spider Web Corner
  • Jill Taylor: Glass Mistakes Reinvented
  • Ilene Barnett: FINALLY! The Mystery of Kiln Schedules Solved!
  • Pascale Bigot: Mirror with Glass Mosaic Frame
  • Sherri Kruger-Kukowski: Driftwood and Stained Glass Suncatchers
  • Cheryl Peterson: Stained Glass Music Box
  • Janna Flores: Fused Glass: Ways to Use Your Clear Scrap Glass
  • Shelly Woollvin: Encased Reef Beads
  • Tes Shea: Broken Glass Picture Frame
  • Fanny Finchelman: Three-Layered Mica Painting on Fused Float Glass
  • Clare Adie: Simple Leaded Glass Panel Incorporating Decals
  • Shannon Lynch: Let’s Get Reactive and Scraping with 90 COE
  • Nikolas Kienitz: Fused Glass Feisty Fashionable Lady
  • Monica Thompson: Mermaid with Incredible Splash
  • Mariángeles Romero: Glass Modeling


Glass Fusion Lab

The Ultimate Collection of Glass Workshops

For Beginners to Pros

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