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Fluid Painting Resin Art Techniques

with Carl Mazur

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What you will learn in this Fluid Painting Course:


Class 1:

  • Choosing the right colors

  • How to properly mix paints for doing fluid pours

Class 2:

  • Using and mixing in the silicone

  • Doing a clean pour technique

Class 3:

  • Doing a dirty pour technique

  • Doing a dirty pour flip cup technique


Class 4:

  • Working with different types of canvases
  • Doing tilt and swipe technique

Class 5:

  • Using a heat gun and why
  • Doing a dirty pour flip cup technique
  • Clean workspaces do make a difference

Class 6:

  • Adding texture with sand
  • Dry times and why

  • Using final coatings and why

  • Pricing paintings to sell at shows, to friends and online


  • Bonus class: Glass beads put on an ocean scene pour.
  • Bonus class: Pouring with professional pouring mediums: Using professional grade PVA glue. The difference between archive quality PVA and regular glue. Coatings and final gloss coats to seal off the artwork.

About the online Fluid Painting Art course

Fluid Painting Resin Art online course. Carl will be teaching ways to do fluid painting art and how to attain cell formations within the art. How to properly dry the paintings. How to apply coatings to archive your paintings. For the bonus portion Carl will be applying glass to the canvas.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:
Curious Mondo: Fluid Painting Art Techniques

Time table:
6 hours

Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:

Main objective:
Learn the fluid painting / acrylic pouring technique



About the instructor

Carl Mazur

Carl Mazur started doing fluid painting art in June of 2017. He lives in Cedar City, Utah with his wife Aimee and their two dogs Shadow and Duke. Carl is also a photographer and he is known for his funny banter while painting with his art.

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