EP 47 – Asia Raine – Jewelry Series – Creativity in Focus

Tune in as we have a candid conversation with Asia Raine about jewelry making, creating art, life as an artist, organic jewelry, and much more!

Asia is also one of our instructors at Curious Mondo, Check out her How to do Etching with Electricity class!

EP 32 – Jewelry Making with Jan Harris Smith – Creativity in Focus

Today on our live podcast we’ll be talking about jewelry making with artist Jan Harris Smith! Jan will talk about the creative process, different types of jewelry, how she gets inspired and much more! Jan Harris is an accomplished jewelry maker. She works with glass and silvesmithing. She is a mentor at Curious Mondo with several courses. Some of them are: Beginning Silversmithing Electroforming, Etching & Air Chasing Glass and Silver Fusion

How to Carve Reverse Intaglio Into Quartz Crystal and Glass

Today’s class; Reverse intaglio of a heart coming out of a rib cage set in a sterling silver prong setting. Both lapidary work and metal work done by Jack Hoque. Remember to purchase the course How to Carve Reverse Intaglio Into Quartz Crystal and Glass with a bonus clicking here.


EP 16 – Glass and Silversmithing – Jan Harris Smith – Creativity in Focus

Artist Jan Harris Smith talks about glass art and siversmithing. With Host Jodi McRaney Rusho. She uses glass, rocks and metals to create amazing pieces.

Check out Jan’s courses!

EP 13 – Interview with Jack Hoque – Reverse Intaglio Master – Creativity in Focus

This week Shahar is chatting it up with Jack Hoque, Reverse Intaglio extraordinaire! Tune in as they talk about art, life, business, and carving crystals and glass! jackhoque