EP 25 – The Future of Sculpting – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

On today’s show we discuss the future of sculpting, where it is going, market changes, etc. Join Shahar Boyayan as she hosts another Episode of Creativity in Focus with Noemi Smith, Karen Baker, and Apryl Jensen.

EP 21 – Figurative Sculpting with Wool – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Sculpting with wool, part of our sculpting series. Join us for a candid conversation with the needle felt doll artist Colleen Spies, today on our podcast, Creativity in Focus! Shahar Boyayan chats with Colleen about the art of figurative sculpting with wool, the business, the life of an artist and more!

EP 17 – Karen Baker – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

On today’s episode we’ll be chatting with sculptor Karen Baker. Karen has been sculpting art dolls for over 10 years. Karen Baker is also one of our favorite instructors at curiosmondo.com

Check out her courses!

EP 12 – Polymer Art with Melissa Terlizzi – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Melissa Terlizzi and her polymer clay art. She makes amazing pieces that she sells at galleries, and here she talks about her creation process.

EP 11 – Miniature Sculpting with Aleah Klay – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Aleah Klay is our guest today on Creativity in Focus and we’re chatting about miniature sculptures!

EP 06 – Apryl Jensen and the Business of Art Dolls – Sculpting Series – Creativity in Focus

Today on Creativity in Focus we’re with Apryl Jensen talking about the business of art dolls. She is an art doll sculptor and the distributor of ProSculpt. She talked about art dolls and ball jointed dolls, sculpting and the life of an artist. She also talked about how she bought Jack Johnston business and a lot about mindset.

Check out Apryl’s courses!