EP 38 – Sarah Scott – Weaving and Knitting – Creativity in Focus

On this episode of the Creativity in Focus podcast we chat with Artist Sarah Scott. Sarah will share with us her creative process, talk about her art, her knitting and weaving, how she gets inspired and much more! ? Sarah likes all forms of fiber art. She knits, spins and does pin loom weaving. Sarah has given some courses at Curious Mondo: Beginning Knitting Fun with Sarah and How to Weave with a Pin Loom This scarf was done in a pin loom. Sarah also showed a shawl and a coat made with pin loom squares

EP 29 – Talking about text(ile)s with Judy Elsley – Creativity in Focus

Today on our live podcast we’ll be talking about text(ile)s with artist Judy Elsley! Judy will talk about the creative process, different types, how she gets inspired and much more! Join in!