Curious Mondo: Bringing a New Approach to ELearning to a “Curious World.” Press Release

Salt Lake City, Utah. April 2nd 2016. Mother and daughter team Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan have been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for most of their lives. They know how important it is to keep current on what’s new in the world of business education. This is what prompted them to establish Curious Mondo, the Curious World an e-learning company focusing on an interactive and informal way to bring knowledge to and increase skills of the viewer through live streaming.
These live streaming courses are interactive and at no cost. Experts in their fields of business, the arts, and technology present topics to the worldwide viewing audience. Viewers are motivated to interact throughout the course with their questions to the instructors through the Curious Mondo chat group or through social media on the Curiuos Mondo Facebook page.
“Knowledge can make a business grow and empower people to start a new journey in their lives”, said Shahar Boyayan, co-founder along with her daughter Nashlah of Curious Mondo. “How many of us would benefit from learning a new skill and turning it into a secondary income? This is a large part of the reason why we founded Curious Mondo, so that those viewing will gain information that is relevant to their specific situations, apply what they have learned, and begin to realize results right away.”
Both Shahar and Nashlah are self-made business professionals, launching their first business, Buzzboosters, a marketing consulting company that specializes in Brain Based Marketing for Small Businesses in 1999, shortly after arriving in the United States from Brazil with no more than a “suitcase and a teddy bear.”
“We want people to have open doors to achieve their dream, to conquer new possibilities, and not have to struggle in the way we did. We believe Curious Mondo provides that gateway for people through this type of learning opportunity,” said Nashlah.
The Boyayans are firm believers that “learning is an adventure” and should be fun and interactive. They have recruited the best instructors in their fields on a wide array of topics to meet the demands of the “new world learner.” During these live events, participants are encouraged to ask questions and communicate their doubts that are addressed by the experts. At the end of every course completed by the viewer and where the activities are implemented, they will receive an electronic certificate of course completion.
To learn more about Curious Mondo, please visit, on Facbeook at Curious Mondo and Love Photography | Curious Mondo.###

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