EP 46 – Jana Benzon – Polymer Clay Series – Creativity in Focus

Today it’s all about polymer clay mushrooms with Jana Benzon! Tune in as we have a candid conversation with Jana about sculpting, creating art, life as an artist, polymer clay, and much more!

Jana’s work is so realistic, and and can be widely incorporated in the polymer clay sculpting work or used as Jewelry! She has taught a class showing how to make her realistic mushrooms on Curious Mondo!
Check it out!

EP 41 – Stephanie Chavez – Metal Clay – Creativity in Focus

Creativity in Focus 2019 starts with Stephanie Chavez and her work with precious metal clay! Stephanie is one of our favorite mentors on Curious Mondo, and has taught several classes on PMC. Some of her available courses are: Beginning Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Jewelry, Intermediate Metal Clay Jewelry, How to Make Rings in Metal Clay