Teaching Techniques for Beginning Basket Weaving with Cheryl Dixon

We’re playing leap frog. So you have two friends and yourself, and you’re playing leapfrog where you jump over the people in front of you. Typically, you can only play with two people where you leap over, but we’re going to pretend like you’ve got really long legs. So I’m going to leap over these two and under this one. Okay. Now I like to teach with different explanations, different analogies, so that if you didn’t understand that you can understand a different way. So we’re going to play the train game. So we have a train here and this one is the engine. This middle one is the dining car, and this one is the caboose. So poor caboose always wants to be the big engine because the engine gets the most attention. So he’s going to jump over the dining car and that one in there he is. He’s now the engine.

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