This is the year of Online Courses, and this is your chance to benefit from it!

Creating online courses has become the go-to practice when thinking about generating revenue from information products. Not only can it be fast and simple to create, it opens the door for you to create several revenue streams.

You create the course once and you can sell to your audience through a website or membership site. You can put it in places like Lynda or Udemy and generate additional revenue from there. So, not even a site is necessary. No inventory, no printing expenses and most of all, that is what people want to buy.
For a very limited time we are opening our studios to you so you can create your first course!
  • We will edit the course
  • We will help you structure the program
  • We will shoot your course in our studio
  • We will deliver it to you ready to go.

How does it work?
  • We use 4 cameras to make it dynamic and modern.
  • First we have a meeting to decide the course and create the agenda.
  • Then we prepare the studio, and you come in and shoot your course!
  • We edit the course and split into 3 or 6 segments.

We deliver the course to you in one of these options:
  • Send you download links
  • On a thumb drive
  • Upload to your YouTube or Vimeo account
  • We can discuss other delivery options in case you prefer something else

As bonus you'll get immediate access to our in depth online course

Spend the day with us, have fun, get your course done, and create a new revenue channel for yourself!
The special promotion investment for the next 7 days is just $850

To get started simply select the option below that works best for you:

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