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How to Build a Successful Wellness Business

with Leesa Myers

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April 04, 05, and 06
from 9:00am-12pm MDT (11-2pm EDT)

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About the course

Be the top 10% of your industry and build a successful business. Learn to create a clear, direction for your business. Make the best use of your time from learning from a person that has been where you are and can guide you to grow your business and profits to their full potential.

  • By the end of this training you will be armed with breakout business development cunning and an arsenal of proven tactics.
  • Need a business strategy and don't know where to start? - you're covered
  • Need to build your service packages and pricing - you're covered
  • Prospects not receptive or getting back to you? - you're covered
  • Can’t get found in the market place? - boom, you'll learn how to disarm that too!
April 04, 05, and 06
from 7-10pm MDT (9-12am EDT)

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*The live and free course does not give you a certificate of completion, additional tools and resources, and one-on-one with the instructors.

These perks are only available in the paid version of the course.

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