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Tjarda van der Dussen

My name is Tjarda van der Dussen. I am needle felt artist and I am working under the name 'Tjarda's Creations'. With my partner and our two kids, we are living in the Netherlands. I love needle felting and I am honoured to show my experience and knowledge via Curious Mondo. In the spring of 2016 I was introduced into needle felting. My first project was making a bird's nest for a seasonal table for my children. In the past I sometimes used small pieces of wool felt, which could not be made nicely round. Then I Googled and found the technique of needle felting. Over the years I learned this techique myself with the help of many Youtube videos and Facebook. This helped me to learn more and more advanced techniques and I acquired knowledge of other needle felters around the world. I have also done a three-day needle felt training from Kiyoshi Mino in Belgium. In recent years I have mainly made 3D animals and tried to make them as realistic as possible. At this moment I mainly reproduce flowers in needle felt in the most realistic way possible. I spend many hours and days working on the fine structures of the flowers, leaves and twigs.


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