Timeless Secrets that Captivate Men

with Kimile Pendleton

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About the course

This course is about locating the real source of women’s strength, tapping into her Sacred Feminine Power and developing a new way of listening to herself and others.

Women of the past knew themselves as healers and peacemakers in their families and their communities. They understood and celebrated the significant differences between men and women. Women used to train their daughters how to listen to their essential feminine nature, their intuition and they taught them the timeless secrets that captivate men. We no longer have those Mavens in our society who empower women to honor our feminine powers and use them to our advantage. This course is that training.

You will learn the secret ways women keep their men captivated. You will confront in you what you are not listening to, what you have become disconnected from as a woman and you will see where allowing yourself to honor your nature will benefit every area of your life.

When you realize what has been missing in your life, what your power truly is and then what your responsibility is, you will understand how you have kept yourself stuck in low self esteem. Which is always a way to keep you separate you from your true self,

The secrets you learn are:
1. Understand your role as a woman in our modern world
2. Learn what it is you really want from a man
3. Learn the real and significant differences between men and women
4. Learn what men truly can’t live without and why they stay
5. Find your authentic voice of feminine power and learn how to be responsible with it
6. Create a future you are inspired to live into.

About The Instructor

Kimile Pendleton
Kimile Pendleton, A full time professional Life Coach & Mediator for over 26 years, has coached over 12,500 people & mediated over 1200 cases. Kimile is known for her ability to resolve emotionally charged and complex cases and get right to the heart of the matter. She is a gifted peacemaker and is known for her tough love approach. Kimile’s practice includes one-on-one coaching, couple coaching, family mediation and communication skills training.

Kimile has been spotlighted on the Dr. Phil show for her mediation and coaching skills with Dr. Phil’s guests and her local clients. For 6 years Kimile has been a regular guest on Good Things Utah and the Daily Dish, where she helps families deal with all types of relationship issues. Channel 4 has labeled her their “Relationship Expert.” She has trained over 45 coaches and has founded the non-profit Heal the Family which was established for families to be able to heal through difficult life experiences such as death, divorce, military absence and all other family dynamics that challenge families today. Kimile provides a recipe for successful relationships and creates a positive impact on the future of families.

Kimile published her first book in September, 2014 and it is titled: Re-Framing Your Life A Guide to Becoming Invincible. Re-Framing Your Life is a liberating guide to anyone who feels trapped by life circumstances, bad breaks, unproductive relationships, difficult family matrices, or their own past. In easy-to- read and case-study- filled chapters, Kimile explains her method of transforming relationships and healing life wounds.

Kimile has developed her expertise of intuiting and transforming emotional wounds within individuals & couples. She helps people discover many of their inherited templates for interpreting and living life. Changing these frames fosters immediate and dramatic positive change for the better. This is what Kimile loves to do as it is truly her life’s purpose to heal people.

Kimile teaches workshops designed to increase love longevity inside relationships. Her popular subjects are; Timeless Secrets that Captivate Men and Superior Masculine Ways that women can’t resist.

Kimile Pendleton Relationship Expert, www.kimile.com, 801-263-2200 or 801-809-2222
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