Susan Epperly

Throughout my entire life, there are two roles that have always been a natural fit for me: that of an artist and that of a teacher. Over the course of my adult life, I have enjoyed working as an Artist, a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and for the past fifteen years, as a full time Massage Therapist. I have always felt that I learn AT LEAST as much from my students & clients as they learn from me. I love visiting, chatting, learning about other folks' lives and desires, and offering resources to the people I encounter to help them achieve their own unique goals.

Crafting has been a type of sanity-saving therapy for me for as long as I can remember. From drawing, crafting, and making as a child in hospital rooms during my Daddy's battle with cancer and subsequent death, to creating a "Chemo Coloring Book" during my own cancer battle in 2017, creating has always been my salvation.

Most recently, after all Massage Therapy practices in my state were mandated to close due to the social distancing requirements necessitated by COVID-19, I have turned to my crafting talents to try to not only calm my nerves and salvage my sanity, but also to replace my livelihood.

I think that there are few sororities that are more dedicated to camaraderie than that of crafters. Crafters almost invariably treasure not just the personal fulfillment of creating, but also the joy of sharing techniques, tricks, tips, and ideas with their fellow craft enthusiasts. I love the spirit and vision of Curious Mondo because ultimately it exists to spark ideas, inspire creativity, and proliferate artistic expression.

Susan Epperly Curious Mondo Instructor

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