How to Start and Run a Cleaning Business

with Tina Jones

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What you will learn:

Day 01
Class 1:
  • About Tina; how she got into the business; what she did wrong, how she sold it
  • Why have a cleaning business
  • The Basics; Structure the business, picking a name, getting a bank account, location, website, insurance, licenses...
    Resources for Support
Class 2:
  • Types of Cleaning Business; construction, vacation homes, move outs, commercial, disaster, death/murder, hoarders…
  • Defining your customer
  • Supplies list and how they vary based on business type
Class 3:
  • Accepting Tips
  • Team Structure
  • Starting the week; facilitation systems - training employees (checklists, inventory control, systems, etc.)
Day 02
Class 4:
  • Quoting a Job
  • Incoming call, schedule a walkthrough, setting appointment
  • Contracts / Accepting payments
Class 5:
  • Clarify procedures with client
  • Clarify supplies used
  • Time spent on a job
  • Scheduling
Class 6
  • Marketing your cleaning your business
  • Quality Control Checklist
  • Residential Cleaning Checklist
  • Residential Supply List
  • Cleaning different rooms; kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom
  • Cleaning different types of surfaces
  • Actual cleaning demonstration
  • Cleaning floors
  • How to efficiently move through a space
  • Move Out Supply List
  • Move Out Cleaning Checklist
  • Policies & Procedures

About the course

Learn what it takes to start and run a successful profitable cleaning business in your town. Tina will share with you her success and her failures helping you to achieve your goal.

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Time table:
6 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
People wanting to start a cleaning business.

Main objective:
Learn to start, manage, and be successful with a cleaning business.


About the instructor

Tina Jones

In 2002 Tina Jones, then a single mother of two children, began a cleaning business in her small town. In October of 2015 she sold the business to a new owner handing over a whole turn key efficient system that is still in operation today. Currently, Tina is a Life Coach helping people clean up past emotional trauma and develop new positive life skills and beliefs. 

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