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Qingyu Li

I am an animal figurine artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I initially got into the field when my old cat passed away and I wanted to make a sculpture in memory of him. To my surprise and delight, the journey only started there. Gradually I learned to make all sorts of animals in polymer clay and acrylic paint, and it is my great joy to bring them in front of the world as a reminder of either the beauty of nature as in wildlife, or our personal emotions devoted to our companion animals. I personally believe animals are most beautiful just the way they are, and try to represent them as realistic as possible, which is also a good way to show the resemblance and uniqueness of different species. I hope through my work, people can learn about and appreciate the animals on our planet, and will want to preserve the biodiversity in this world where it is increasingly hard for real life wildlife encounter. The replicas of my work have been sold all over the world to collectors and animal lovers.

Qingyu Li Curious Mondo Instructor

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