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How To Create A Money-Making Online Course

with Shahar & Nash

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What you will learn:

Info-Marketing and What is in it for You
Class 1:
  • What is information marketing and how it work
  • What happened to the industry (ads obsolete, disruptive tech)
  • Understanding how information alone is worth a dime
  • Understanding people’s behavior
  • What people pay attention to
  • Easy to apply, see results right away, updated info

Class 2:
  • Why people buy online courses
  • Who can create online courses
  • Types & Formats of online courses
    • Autoresponders, on-demand videos, live stream, audio, screencaptures, webinars, blogs, live, etc.
  • End Result: sell it direct, distribute via platforms, membership

Class 3:
  • How to determine your market
  • How to use Amazon to see if there’s a market
  • How to select your course topic
  • How to use Google to determine if there’s topic interest
  • How to Structure a course
  • How to re-purpose existing content
  • How to do a Course Breakdown
  • How to use Amazon to structure your course
Formats for Online Courses
Class 4:
  • Autoresponder courses, different services
  • How to determine length of course and delivery format
  • Blog Course
  • Providing support

Class 5:
  • Facebook Classes: how they work
  • Image styles
  • Message dynamics
  • Incentives for participation
  • How to schedule posts

Class 6
  • Audio Recording Softwares
  • CDs, duplication house or at home
  • Setting up a web page with download links
  • Tele-Seminars format
  • Facebook Private Groups
Get Hands On
Class 7
  • Screen Capture Style (jing, camtasia, etc.)
  • Phone videos, gear necessary for quality (ring light, tripod...)
  • Handycam Vids
  • Youtube trimmer, outsource editing

Class 8
  • Delivery through S3, web page, private playlists
  • Sell to elearning platforms: Udemy, Lynda, etc.
  • Clickbank

Class 9:
  • Google Hangouts format
  • Live Streaming classes to Facebook Private Groups
  • Private Scopes on Periscope
  • Unlisted Blabs
  • Youtube live Free and On-Demand Paid
  • Private pay get access to special day/time live course

Course Sneak Peek!

About the course

The market for online courses is big. And it's getting bigger. According to Forbes, the market hit 56.2 billion in 2014 - and early estimates suggest the market DOUBLED in 2015 to 107 billion.
  • What is information marketing
  • Why online courses.
  • Finding a goldmine inside your head
  • How to outline an online course
  • What do you need to create an online course
  • How live streaming can change this game
  • Putting on auto-pilot
  • Different types of online courses
  • How to deliver an online course
  • How to market an online course
  • Repurposing and existing course
  • Using social media to attract students

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:

Arts & Crafts | Curious Mondo: How to Use Your Knowledge to Create Online Courses

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Anyone with very specifc knowledge on one topic can create online courses. Keynote speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers can turn their programs into online courses very easily. Anyone with knowledge on a specific topic can benefit from this course. People that want to start an online business can also benefit from this course.

Main objective:
Learn how to turn your knowledge into online courses.


About the instructor

Shahar & Nashlah Boyayan

Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan are the founders of Buzz Booster, a mother-daughter operated marketing consulting company that specializes in Brain Based Marketing for Small Businesses.

Their mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve long lasting prosperity. They know what it takes to build a business from scratch and have helped hundreds of businesses grow.

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