How to Make Crochet Purse

How to Make Mini Macramé Flower Jewelry

with Luara Bastos

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About the course

Learn the step by step of orchids, the assembly of the necklace and three different knots!

You will learn step by step how to make orchids with macrame in a process that mixes colors and textures. We include stones and special stitches in a super modern necklace to make your project even more artistically enriched. This piece can be used as jewelry or set up to be a decorative piece for a space. Enter the Macrame world with us!


How to Make Crochet Purse

About the instructor

Luara Bastos

The artist Luara Bastos Bakargi is 25 years old and lives in Brazil, in a city called Pindamonhangaba in the state of Sao Paulo. For 10 years Luara has been working with Macrame, an art that she appreciates and considers herself self-taught as she has never been taught the technique in classes. She creates and elaborates each of her pieces.

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