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Casting Without Wax and Metal Forming

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About the course

Casting Without Wax and Metal Forming:  In this exciting class, we will explore the many ways you can melt your scrap silver to cast new forms to use to make jewelry. We will explore casting techniques to include water casting, pine needle casting, rock and salt crystal casting, casting in charcoal and other carved materials and sand casting. We will also how to raise a small bowl with a hammer and how to make a simple raised design with a pitch pot and chasing tools. Hope you will join me!!


About The Instructor

Jan Harris Smith

Jan Harris Smith began working with metal in college and was hooked on making metal jewelry from
the first class. She has since completed several college level classes and independent workshops in
metal working on her path to become an artisan jeweler.

In 2005, Jan took her first class in glass fusion. She has completed several classes and workshops in
glass and her primary focus in glass is the use of reactive art glass to create unique colors and

Jan’s education includes university level fine art classes and numerous workshops taught by
professionals in the silversmithing and glass field. She has also had her art published in magazines
and books and won several awards for her work, over the years.

Teaching art has been her passion for over 20 years. She enjoys introducing students to working in
art and engaging in the creative process. She has taught in various venues across the United States
and Australia, including art retreats, art stores and art schools.

*The live and free course does not give you a certificate of completion, additional tools and resources, access to the bonus classess,
and one-on-one with the instructors. These perks are only available in the paid version of the course.

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