Matthew Walther

Matthew has always loved building things, even at a young age. He caught the bug very early on, after attending local conventions for several years and seeing people dress up in costumes, though he never fully got into making his own costumes until a few years later, when he was introduced to the wonder that is foam fabrication.

In 2012, he made his first full set of armor out of foam floor mats and was hooked. Ever since then, he has cut thousands of pieces of foam and turned them into armor, weapons, and even gigantic costumes and creatures, always learning and improving his methods and skills.

Matthew has won several awards for his builds, including Best Video Game Representation, several Judge's Choice awards, and even Best Overall Master's Category for a costume he entered into the Intermediate Category. Participating in contests is just a fun side thing for him, however, since the more fulfilling thing for him is to share the things he has learned with other people who are interested in making something, but don't quite know where to start.


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