The Path to Excellence in Life

with Julio Garreaud

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What you will learn:

Language of Leaders
Class 1:
  • Recommendations, take what you need
  • Who do you listen to?
  • Distinctions
  • Definitions
  • Distinction and observing
  • Importance, value, clarity
  • Teaching theory vs creating distinction

Class 2:
  • Language - as fundamental human technology
  • Listening and speaking
  • Language as action
  • Active interpretation of language
  • Language and commitments
  • Language and reality
  • The power of language and emotions

Class 3:
  • Basic linguistic acts
  • Tools to shape our World
  • Basic linguistic tool kit
  • Assessments
  • Self-coaching exercises
  • Assertions
  • Reflecting activity
  • Self-coaching exercise
Class 4:
  • Declarations
  • Inventing new social realities
  • Reflective activity
  • Self-coaching exercises

Class 5:
  • Requests
  • Anatomy of a request
  • Responding to a request
  • Acceptance
  • Decline
  • Counter offer
  • Commit to commit later
  • Self-coaching exercise
  • Promise a mutual commitment to action
  • Managing promises
  • Coordination of action
  • Promises and relationships
  • Reflective activity

Class 6

  • Offers
  • What is missing
  • Listening others for offers
  • Self-coaching exercise
  • Offers and Relationships
Anatomy of Action
Class 7:
  • Promises and trust
  • What is trust
  • Elements of trust
  • Sincerity
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Involvement/care
  • Self-coaching exercise
  • Review

Class 8:
  • The anatomy of action (five elements)
  • Cooperation
  • Organization activity and success

Class 9:
  • Creating a life by design
  • Stories, what is your story?
  • How historical conversations define your life?
  • Why stories are critical to success?
  • Creating powerful stories
  • Create a life of success

Course Sneak Peek!

About the course

See leardeship from a new perspective! Try to move outside the existing context and organizational habits, and see and act effectively in totally new ways that produces breakthrough results.

In this class the participants will be taking into account where the company is currently, its characteristics, its resources, its problems and its objectives then depart from that reality to a whole new approach. This strategic design process does far more than determine what actions should be taken in the future. The process actually creates and designs a new future and an environment that actively supports and pulls for the fulfillment of that future.

Open Facebook Group to students of this course:

Business | Curious Mondo: Leadership for a New Reality

Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Business Executives, Corporate Leaders

Main objective:
To move outside the existing context and organizational habits, and see and act effectively in totally new ways that produces breakthrough results.


About the instructor

Julio Garreaud

Human Architecture was founded in 1999 by Julio Garreaud, who had the vision to alter views of leadership and the purpose of work in organizations.

Garreaud’s experience in health care, thirty years of military service (US Army Special Forces), twenty years of entre-
preneurship, and many years of coaching and working with people inspired him to take on making a difference with people and organizations that are committed to excellence.

Inspiring people to act and giving them power to do so may be the single most important difference between those companies that idle and those that develop a competitive edge.

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