Kenzie Galbraith

My name is Kenzie, and I love creating art. I am a huge music-addict, collection songs from my favorite artists on a daily basis. By day I get to feed both my artistic and animal passion through grooming dogs at a salon, and by the evening I love to paint and be out in nature with my fur-babies. I grew up in Farmington, Utah, so I love the mountains. My father was my main inspiration, working as a photographer for the Salt Lake Tribune most my childhood. He taught me to never waste time on doing things you aren’t passionate about, and to always go for your dreams. I have never taken anything above a high-school art class, and I think that gives me a unique approach to teaching art. I love to learn by experimentation, not necessarily lesson books. I think as an artist it is my job to bring people to a place that is difficult to reach in reality, even if for a moment. I love creating images that evoke a sense of wonder and depict the whimsical. I try not to keep myself tied down with specific subjects or styles, as I am constantly inspired and humbled by others’ work, but I do tend to gravitate towards female portraits and animals. My art has helped me through so many things, and it’s interesting that even at the darkest points in my life, my art never seems to suffer. If anything, hardship seems to spur my imagination even more, and picking up a paintbrush is such a great form of therapy for me. It makes me so happy to know that my art can help not only myself, but help others escape to some sort of “perfect reality”, away from the chaos of life.


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