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Kathy Hacking

Originally from Colorado Springs, Kathy lived in Co, Md, Fl, Mi,& Md, before moving to Utah in 1997 as a BYU student. She left BYU, got married, and started her family in 2000. She is a gifted multimedia artist with over 20 years of experience creating beauty in the world. Teaching is one of her favorite ways to spend time and energy. Did you take lessons or were you self-taught? I initially learned as much as I could about wire wrapping from library books. I was very frustrated with round craft wire and ready to give up wire work! A friend showed me square wire and directed me to invest a little more in my materials and try again.... =D The difference that that change made in the end product was encouraging enough to keep me going. How did you get started selling and teaching? Selling began with my sculpture and beaded work. I had so many lovely things and my friends and neighbors kept buying the originals or asking for a duplicate - which I very rarely manage to pull off! Even with the beading, where it could be a step-by-step recreation, I tend to come up with a new variation half way through. The teaching of wire wrapping was actually instigated in 2011 by my own desire to make myself create the written instructions and photographs. I would schedule a class and get it announced and then have to make the corresponding pages to print before that date!


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