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Kathleen Baer

Kathleen has been interested in dyeing fabric for a very long time. As a Chemistry Major she wrote a paper on “Organic Components of Naturally Occurring Dyes”. Although her grandmother and family made quilts together all her growing up years, her first art quilt was for her oldest son when he went to kindergarten and needed a nap blanket. It was an appliqué quilt with a pond and a little boy flying a kite. It is also the only appliqué quilt she has ever done, or plans to do. Gradually she realized she was a contemporary art quilter. After helping form The Circle, a group of five women interested in Art Quilting in Atlanta, she found none of the light fabrics she needed to complete quilts. The group the decided to dye their own fabric. She came up with a way to do low water immersion for lights that provided boxes of fabric of just the color that was needed. She really loves fabric and although she loves to make things using all sorts of fiber, her favorite activity may be dyeing because of the wonderful surprises that come. Although you can dye the exact same color using a precise formula, she would rather play and be surprised by the result. After all, why use ten fabrics when one hundred will do? When she moved to Utah she formed another Fiber Art Group called Not Bound By Tradition and began to share techniques and ideas. Eventually, the group was asked to display at the Woodbury Art Museum curated by UVU. Together we had a show that took up almost the entire gallery. My hand dyed (using all different techniques) fabric covered an entire wall in the shape of the mountains. They have also been asked to show at the Covey Center, The Utah County Arts Board gallery, had a group quilt in the Ruby Jubilee traveling show and have exhibited at other locations. Kathleen won a ribbon at the Springville Art Museum and a F irst Place Innovative at the Utah Quilt Fest. Both used some of her hand dyed fabrics.

Kathleen Baer

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