How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

with Shalyn Sanders

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What you will learn:

Day 01
Class 1:
  • Budget - How to help you get the best deals, save money make memorable choices
  • Date - How to choose the right date for your event, plan around events & holidays to ensure your guests will show up
  • How to Pick Your Colors
Class 2:
  • Venue - How to chose a venue that will fit your budget, accommodate your guests, fit your theme style
  • Ceremony - Where to have your ceremony, who will marry you, will it cost to have my ceremony at a different venue.
Class 3:
  • Wedding Planner - Do I need to hire a wedding planner, costs, will hiring a planner relieve my stress that day?
  • Florist - How to save money when hiring a florist, flower choices, delivery, costs
Day 02
Class 4:
  • Photographer / Videographer - How to avoid extra costs when hiring a photographer, poses, cutting costs.
  • Catering - How to chose the right food for your event, save money, match foods to your theme
Class 5:
  • Wedding Gowns - How to chose the right dress, how to save costs on gown, how to chose accessories for your dress
  • Brides Maid Gowns - How to chose the right gowns for your brides maids, how to save money, chasing the right colors.
Class 6
  • Flower Girl Dresses - Where to buy dresses for your flower girls, who purchases them, what will work for your event.
  • Invitations - How to save money on invitations, what style to look for, when to send them out to your guests.
Day 03
Class 7:
  • Tuxedos vs Suits - How to chose either a tuxedo or a suit, saving money, what colors work for your event
  • Thank You Gifts - Who receives TY gifts, what you should give, how much should you spend
Class 8:
  • Rings - How to chose the right ring for your husband or wife, how to save money, what style matches your tastes.
  • Salon - How to chose the right salon for your bridal hair, nail and makeup needs
Class 9:
  • The Wedding Cake - flavors, styles, sizes, pricing, fake cakes
  • Miscellaneous - Sendoff, limo, etc.

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About the course

If you're a wedding professional trying to get into the wedding business, or a stay-at-home mom, or someone who has thought about getting into the wedding business, this is the perfect course for you!

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Time table:
9 hours

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Target market:
Someone who needs to plan a wedding.

Main objective:
Learn how to plan a wedding.


About the instructor

Shalyn Sanders

I have been a Weddings and events coordinator for the past 27 years. I enjoy creating new and fun ideas for the bride to be. Being creative in wedding day designs is one of my favorite things. Designing a wedding that is affordable yet elegant is Awesome. My desire for anyone planning a wedding, to have the best time with the planning process of putting on the biggest party of your life. It's a great adventure.

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