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How to Build and Update Wordpress Sites

with Nashlah Boyayan

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What you will learn:

Class 1: 
  • What Exactly is Wordpress
  • Why use Wordpress
  • Understanding Hosting
  • Domain names and Nameservers
  • What Wordpress can do for you
  • Benefits of Using Wordpress
  • Differences between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org
Class 2:
  • How to install Wordpress with Fantastico
  • How to install Wordpress via FTP
  • How to create a MYSQL Database
Class 3:
  • How do I login to Wordpress Dashboard
  • What’s the difference between a page and post
  • How do I write a blog post
  • How to schedule blog posts
  • How to create a page
  • What are tags and categories
  • How to moderate comments
Hands on
Class 4:
  • Defining your audience
  • Organizing your content
  • Structuring your website
Class 5:
  • What is a theme
  • How to find themes & elements to consider
  • How to make your website mobile friendly
  • How to install a theme via Wordpress
  • How to manually install a theme via FTP
Class 6
  • How to add images to posts/pages
  • How to add videos to your website
  • How to customize the main menu
  • Adding widgets
  • Add Sidebar Items using HTML
Add-ons and more
Class 7:
  • What is a Plugin
  • How to find plugins
  • How to install plugins
Class 8:
  • How to customize your theme
  • Adding your custom header/logo
  • Basic image editing
  • Adding an e-commerce store to your website
  • Accepting payments on your website
Class 9:
  • Optimizing your website for search engines
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Mobile friendly and how to check
BONUS! Train your Team
I have prepared a series of quick, to-the-point training videos for you to give to your assistants and save time!
  • How to add a blog post
  • How to edit a page
  • How to moderate a comment
  • How to add an image
  • How to add a link
  • How to add a video (or any other code)
  • How to create a page and add to menu
  • How to password-protect a page/post

About the course

During this 9 hours plus course you will learn how to build a Wordpress website from scratch! From the inner-workings of how websites work, to actually getting the Wordpress framework setup, to adding a theme, adding plugins... and more! How to do it from start to finish!
You will also learn how to update and add content to your Wordpress site.

Time table:
9 hours +

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced- Easy to understand no matter your level. We guarantee!

Target market:
People interested in building or updating their own Wordpress websites.

Main objective:
Build a Wordpress website from start to finish.
Update an existing Wordpress site.
Train people to mantain your Wordpress site


About the instructor

Nashlah Boyayan

Nashlah Boyayan is the co-founder of Buzz Booster, a mother-daughter operated marketing consulting company that specializes in Behavioral Marketing for Small Businesses and online marketing.

Her mission is to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve long lasting prosperity. She knows what it takes to build a business from scratch and has helped hundreds of businesses grow.

She has been working with websites since 1998 and has personally built hundreads of websites (including this very cool, feature-laden Curious Mondo website!)

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