How to Make Gourmet Brazilian Chocolate Fudge

with Tatiana Ferreira

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About the course

Have you ever wanted to create an exotic, gourmet candy masterpiece? Then join us as we walk through how to make Gourmet Brazilian Chocolate Fudge! Tatiana will walk you through all the steps to create this delectable delight, including the fancy finishing touches that take your creation to the next level!


Nikolas Kienitz

About the instructor

Tatiana Ferreira

My name is Tatiana. I am 46 years old. I've been passionate about cooking since I was little. So I started cooking at a very young age, but I decided to specialize at 18 years old. I specialized, but I didn't make a living from confectionery or cooking. I started making it for my kids at parties, for family 15 years ago. I already work with the bakery professionally. So, I prepare Brigadeiros, cakes. I also do snacks, appetizers, and finished food plates. And it's something I really enjoy doing. In addition to being a source of income today, it is also a source of inspiration for me. Every time I make a candy, I make a cake and someone likes it and people are surprised, they praise me. For me it's something that makes me grow spiritually.

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