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How to Build a Profitable Photography Business on a Budget

with Heidi Maddern & Ben Helstad

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About the course

Starting a photography business can seem overwhelming and expensive, leaving would-be entrepreneurs confused. This course will take you step-by-step on how to get your business up and running as creatively and efficiently as possible.

In this course you will learn:
  • Light (color, white balance, natural light, flash)
  • Composition
  • How to build a home studio on a budget
  • Marketing
  • Printing
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • How we run our business/business model
  • Business Plan
  • ...and more!

About The Instructor

Heidi Maddern & Ben Helstad

Heidi Maddern & Ben Helstad are a husband/wife photography team.

My name is Heidi Maddern and I'm a story photographer!

I believe in capturing authenticity over generating perfectly posed moments.

I capture what makes you fall in love with your little ones every day . . . the story behind the smiles and the goofy looks, the story of WHY they love exploring and hunting for exploding dragon gems so. darn. much.

I capture endless imagination, helping your family always remember these short magical years of childhood.

During a shoot, I never tell kids to "smile". (I mean c'mon, does your kid REALLY wear that forced smile on a daily basis?) Instead, they're probably running around, making faces while they try to get little sister to understand why spiderman is SO EPIC!)

I call my shoots "discovery days" since I'm running around exploring life with your kiddo, I usually drag mom and dad in on the fun and it turns into a play date for the WHOLE family.

My name is Ben Helstad, and I help create the stories your children will play in.

I live in my imagination. I've been known to spontaneously act out something goofy and ridiculous, usually the result of a story I've been building up in my head over the last several days.

My craft and role in the company is storyboarding out the stories and helping Heidi cement the idea she has for each shoot. I also run our marketing and design campaigns to help get our name out there.

Living in imagination is a wonderful privilege to have as an adult, and through our discovery days, I help both parents and children live in their imagination too, even if just for a little bit.
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