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How to use Hypnosis for Success!

with Tony Thimakis

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About the course

During this class you will learn how to use Hypnosis to make your business grow and your personal life better!

We will cover...
  • the history of hypnosis,
  • how to use it to set goals,
  • how to use it to help your clients,
  • how to use it to help yourself,
  • ...and much more!
Discover how to get over your problems, break bad habbits, create new habbits and learn new skills!

We go in and out of a trans state every single day, all we are learning to do with hypnosis is control it. Hypnosis is a tool you can use to advance your goals more rapidly. It is very effective for motivating yourself and others.

About The Instructor

Tony Thimakis

Tony has an intense curiosity, he loves people, has a degree in psychology, and has developed a deep attachment to hypnosis. He believes hypnosis is a wonderful, healing, restorative, experience that can enhance your life.

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