Fast Track: How to Build a Profitable Photography Business on a Budget

  • Teacher: Heidi Maddern


Starting a photography business can seem overwhelming and expensive, leaving would-be entrepreneurs confused. This course will take you step-by-step on how to get your business up and running as creatively and efficiently as possible.


Heidi Maddern

My name is Heidi Maddern and I'm a story photographer! I believe in capturing authenticity over generating perfectly posed moments. I capture what makes you fall in love with your little ones every day . . . the story behind the smiles and the goofy looks, the story of WHY they love exploring and hunting for exploding dragon gems so. darn. much. I capture endless imagination, helping your family always remember these short magical years of childhood. During a shoot, I never tell kids to "smile". (I mean c'mon, does your kid REALLY wear that forced smile on a daily basis?) Instead, they're probably running around, making faces while they try to get little sister to understand why spiderman is SO EPIC!) I call my shoots "discovery days" since I'm running around exploring life with your kiddo, I usually drag mom and dad in on the fun and it turns into a play date for the WHOLE family. 

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