Fast Track Course: Copper and Bronze Base Metal Clays

  • Teacher: Stephanie Chavez

Table of Contents


Base metal clays can be so much fun! The lower cost of the material enables for larger pieces and more experimenting! We will cover the supplies you need and some of the different ways of firing the base metals. Join me as we explore copper and bronze metal clays.


Stephanie Chavez

Stephanie is a jewelry maker and instructor. She is a diverse artist, proficient in many jewelry mediums. Her go-to and preferred medium is Precious Metal Clay (PMC). The metal clay process enables Stephanie to create unique one-of-a-kind jewelry. While working in the mixed media art industry she took her first class in PMC, was instantly hooked and has been working with metal clay since 2008. After being certified through Rio Grande in 2010 Stephanie began teaching. Stephanie has continued to perfect and share her craft by teaching others how to make their own jewelry and art. She believes we each have the capacity to be inspired creators. Many people just need a safe, fun, environment to explore their own creative limits and that is what she provides and shares, bringing people to the joy that she knows in her daily craft.