Fast Track: Stupendous Polymer Clay Scraps

  • Teacher: Lisa Pavelka

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Dive into the wonderful world of Stupendous Polymer Clay Scraps with Lisa Pavelka


Lisa Pavelka

Lisa Pavelka, a Colorado native who now resides in Las Vegas, is an award-winning artist, designer and author. Although she is well versed in several mediums, she is best known for her polymer clay expertise. Having worked with the medium professionally since 1989, she has focused her creative energies in taking polymer clay in new directions; especially in the areas of mixed media applications. As a polymer clay pioneer, Lisa has tackled everything from jewelry making and home décor to scrapbooking and altered arts to name a few. She has shown the crafting world there is almost nothing that can’t be done with polymer clay, whether it’s coming up with new techniques or covering the back of a van. Lisa is the author of several books including the award-winning bestseller: Polymer Clay Extravaganza (North Light Books).

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