Mixed Media Fiber Arts Purses

  • Teacher: Jenny Ferguson


Each of the fiber arts have different brilliance and in this course, we are going to explore how they work together. This class will be a texture adventure as we analyze unique ways to bring felting, knitting, punch needle, crochet, weaving and even a bit of sewing together into exquisite free form bags. This is a class for anyone who would like an introduction to new types of fiber crafts as well as for those who’ve tried it all and are ready to show off their many talents. Fall in love with your stash and all the new possibilities.


Jenny Ferguson

I live on my own alpaca farm in Bluffdale, Utah with my 2 teenage children and very supportive husband. We have 9 alpacas, 19 chickens, 2 rabbits, 2 cats, and 3 beta fish, it feels like a zoo! I am happiest with hay in my hair and a little dirt on my toes. My best friend Jodi and I serve as co-presidents of our local spinning guild, Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners. My doorbell is always ringing with customers for my hemstitching business that I run out of my home and I also work part-time for Unified Police as a 911 Dispatcher, it's demanding but I love it!

I have a passion for fiber arts, but especially spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet. I love the feel of fiber in my hands and I’m fascinated by texture. I love novelty and art yarns! My favorite place to spin and weave is in my pasture among my animals. Alpaca’s are curious creatures and it isn’t uncommon to get a nose caught in the flyer of my spinning wheel. Working with my own alpaca fiber gives me a sense of serenity and accomplishment.

I have taught triangle loom weaving at Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair as well as at workshops for our spinning guild. On occasion, I teach spinning classes at my home. My most lively teaching experience was teaching a drop spindle class to 25 elementary school students at once.

I am creative, energetic, enthusiastic and a little sarcastic. My name is Jenny Lynne Ferguson and I approve this message.

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